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This entire program is created upon the Inspiration of
Eleftherios Dramitinos...

Lets talk to our youth

New ideas, Style, Identity

Pancretan Association of America and World Hellenic Diaspora, along with Hellenic Foundation and The Perseas Athinaios Foundation, created this Educational Seminar series for the youth of the Hellenic Diaspora who doesn't speak the Hellenic Language so they too understand the deep meaning of the 1821 National Revolution under the general theme title:

The Hellenic Revolution of 1821 as an apocalypse of its late Hellenic Heritage Genesis and Eternal Continuance

We deliver 30-minute drill-down  Interactive Teleconference Seminars related to the revolution of 1821, The Values that inspired it, and the Principles unveiled and delivered to the Nation and the World. The Teleconferences are in Greek and in English (separately) to the general audience, followed by 3 workshops of limited capacity immediately after that (1 in Greek, 2 in English)  for anyone who is interested to participate that will produce an Accredited Certificate of Attendance which can be added on your resume, and drive to an opportunity to win a Scholarship Award.

We strongly encourage the youth to participate and we invite any parent who reads this message to pass it to his children and encourage them to participate.

The general seminars are great family events!

Below we introduce all the esteemed thought leaders and further down the schedule with links for registration.


The Seminar Distinguished Speakers


Hon. Commander in Chief of the Hellenic Naval Fleet

Prof. Yannis Mazis

Professor of Geopolitics and Economic Geography University of Athens, Chairman Dept. of Turkish and Asiatic Studies.

Prof. George Pavlos

Democrition University of Thrace. Dr. of Philosophy of Aristotelian University of Thessalonica

Dr. Mari Delivoria

Physics Professor - Past Governor 2470 Int Rotary District - ARPIC Zone 21B

Prof. Athanasios Karathanasis

Hon. President of The Institute of Macedonian Studies (EMS) - Prof. Emeritus of Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki - Prof. University of Cyprus

Prof. Andreas Athinaios

Case Western Reserve University, Academic Excellence Award U.S.A. 1987 Villanova U., Trustee & President U of The Aegean, Democritus U of Thraki, Governor of the State Of Rethimno (Crete)

L. General K. Loukopoulos re.

Geostrategic Analyst

Theodore G. Danos

MBA Hellenic American University Consultant of International Conferences

All Seminars on all dates with the exception of the December conference will follow the above time-schedule on their respective dates.

April 2021

24:Orthodoxia & Revolution

Prof. George Pavlos

June 2021

10:  The Women in Revolution

Dr. Mari Delivoria

September 2021

23: The Revolution of Macedonia & Emm. Pappas Prof. Athanasios Karathanasis23: The Historical Events of the Economics of The 1821 Revolution, in relation to today's Cultural Heritage Prof. Andreas Athinaios

October 2021

21: The Geopolitical Situation before and during the 1821 Revolution

L. General Konstantinos Loukopoulos re.

November 2021

13:  The Cultural Heritage of the 1821 Revolution and the opportunities to use it in Conference Tourism

Theodore G. Danos

December 2021

2021 Conference. 

30/11 – 3/12:  The Hellenic Revolution of 1821 as an apocalypse of its late Hellenic Heritage Genesis and Eternal Continuance

Special Schedule will be announced.

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