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  • Mission


    HCC-SW promotes classic Hellenism and ideals at the Southwest US


    The Hellenic Cultural Center of the Southwest promotes an understanding of the rich history and legacy that Hellenes have given to civilization and presents the saga of triumphs and sacrifices made during this long historical journey.

  • Mission-Based Programming

    Mission-Based Programming

    The HCC-SW aims to promote the historical background and intellectual foundation of the Greek aptitude to create poetry, theater, art, philosophical hypotheses, mathematical theorems, and lasting architectural designs. This is accomplished through educational and cultural programs, film presentations, lectures and classes, and exhibitions.

    Dr. Nick Checkles - Founding Father

  • Our DNA

    Our DNA

    We honor


    cultivate classic Hellenic Ideals


    Focusing on Hellenic contributions to language, government, arts, architecture, athletics, science, medicine, and philosophy, HCC-SW programs strive to benefit groups and individuals through education in civic affairs, health, and citizenship.



    Join us for lots of fun!!!


    Enjoy all the significant events and ideals HCC-SW offers. Help preserve Hellenic Ideals for generations to come. Be part of the most incredible community of Greek Americans in the Southwest area of the US. Enjoy rock concerts, Tavli evenings, Theater, Opera, and History conversations, just to name a few.

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A Life-Changing Opportunity for Young Greek Americans

Thessaloniki, Greece

July 20 to July 30, 2024

Free Program - No Fees

The Program

The Birthright Hellas Committee of the Hellenic Cultural Center of the Southwest, in collaboration with the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, announces forty (40) positions for a summer program on “Greek Culture and Civilization” to be held in Northern Greece from Saturday, July 20th to Tuesday, July 30th, 2024. The program is open to applicants from the USA (US citizens)....

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The Birthright Hellas Committee of Hellenic Cultural Center of the Southwest, in collaboration with the Hellenic Open University, announces twenty-five (25) places for a summer school on “Greek Culture and Civilization from Ancient Times to Modern Era,” which will take place in the medieval settlement of Mystras (Laconia, Greece) from Thursday the 25th of July to Wednesday the 7th of August 2024. The program will include applications from Greeks abroad from the US (US citizens). The program is under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Embark on a journey to your roots with Birthright Hellas! Greek-American youth seize this unique opportunity to explore the wonders and heritage of Greece. Connect with your ancestral culture, visit historic landmarks, and immerse yourself in vibrant traditions. Ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Click to learn more and apply for this transformative experience! Your Greek odyssey awaits.

Important Notice

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the event "Expanding Existence: A Journey to Pro-Youth Living and Longevity by Polyxeni Kokovika" has been rescheduled.

Please check back soon for the updated date and time.

We appreciate your patience.


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Devoted to Excellence

Hellenic Cultural Center is devoted to connect the Classic Hellenic Ideals with today's lifestyle.
Using properly the Classics in a way that remains in memory, we can help shape the thinking process of youth (and older) with huge good implications in the entire society.