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Being a part of The Hellenic Cultural Center has never been so exciting! This year, we are offering several membership level options with lots of great perks!

One of the most asked questions is: Why should I become a member?

The answer is simple! 

The HCC-SW is committed to promoting the legacy and spirit of Greece throughout the area by hosting and fostering events with the ultimate goal of erecting a building that will serve as a headquarters for the numerous events, activities and community outreach which we wish to sponsor. To that end, membership is the life-blood of the HCC-SW. Without your support, none of our events or outreach programs would be possible. With your continued generosity, the HCC-SW will continue to grow and flourish! If you are not already a member or have not renewed your membership, we encourage you to join so that together we can accomplish our goals.

Important News on Membership:

This year we introduced a new concept on membership. Your membership begins the date you signup for the next 365  days!  Then either it can renew automatically, or you cancel it. That way someone can sign up any day of the year and still get the value of a full year out of it. That is a major difference from January to December membership plans that causing someone who enters in July for example to lose 6 months of benefits!


What does it mean to become a member?

Here are all the fine perks you will have the option of receiving!

Student: $20 / year

*18-30 years old for eligibility*

Individual:  $50 / year
• Special ticket pricing
• HCC token of appreciation
• The Hellenic Voice (3 times yearly: April, September & December)

Household: $75 / year

• All of the above PLUS:
• Enrollment into the NEW Hellenic Circle program
• Special access to family & children’s events

Patron:  $500 / year
• All of the above PLUS:
• Invitations to private special events

What is the Hellenic Circle program?

The Hellenic Circle is a fantastic new perk added for our members, Household Level and higher. By being enrolled in this program, you will have access to great discounts from local area restaurants and businesses! All you have to do is look for the Hellenic Circle decal in the window, show your membership card and just like that, you receive your promotion! You will be sent a list of all the participating businesses in your membership packet!

2020 Promises to be an exciting year to become a member of the HCC-SW! You don’t want to miss out!

 «Immerse» yourself this year in Hellenic Spirit

 This past year a few important events happened!

  • As a federation, we represented North America to the Greek Parliament for the law on Diaspora Voting!
  • A brand new website for you to get your information and interact!
  • We heard your comments and tried our best to deliver a professional experience while maintaining a rich functionality on the backend
  • We set up a task force team to help with Membership!
  • We initiated a movement to create a new layer above  federations that will end up in the next few months to a 3rd level organization that will maintain a connection with all the rest of the North American Organizations as well as the Government of Greece
  • This is the most incredibly positive year in the life of our organization!

Hust this year sofar we had:

  • On Marathon Exchange's Pastichio Dinner we unveiled a new program that we sent anyone who wants to run Marathon in Greece "All Expenses Paid!!" 
  • Building Fundraiser started
  • The Day of the Greek Language was  celebrated
  • Support for Excellence in Education continues with 6 scholarships this year 

Just a few highlights of what follows include: 

  • Monument to Freedom will be erected by 25-Mar-2021
  • Celebrations for the 200 years from the Greek Revolution in cooperation with Consulate of Greece in Houston
  • Day of Freedom
  • The Greek Business directory will be deployed in the next few months
  • Various lectures with distinct speakers embracing the Hellenic Ideals on philosophy, economy, science, architecture, history,  etc.
  • Music concert – Rock concert to attract youth
  • History Cafés – open form with Learn and Discuss on historical matters
  • Painting & Photography Contests – to stimulate the Youth participation
  • Networking events to various locations in cooperation with all organizations
  • Career day
  • Greek Tax Seminar for your better understanding of tax matters Become member round

All these will be covered in detail in our General Assembly that will take place on February 15, 2020. 


Your Support and your participation are absolutely critical

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Here’s to a great New Year!

Chris Papadopoulos
Membership Chair